Artwork of the Week – 22nd July 2013

Peter Rhoades – River Wey

We are delighted to be able to introduce you to Peter Rhoades and his breathtaking photography. As the newest photographer to join Union Art we are very excited about his work. He’s a fine art photographer who specialises in wildlife and landscape photography. At Union Art we love his tranquil landscapes and his crisp wildlife photography.

Peter Rhoades has spent his whole life in and around the British countryside, to share his passion he personally produces high quality giclée fine art prints. Most of his work is based around very simple subjects but all have the same theme of being taken in beautiful lighting conditions. From pre-visualisation of the image Peter never feels the image is completed or comes alive until the final print is achieved.

Capturing nature at its most beautiful moments Peter endeavours to produce imagery that inspires and evokes emotion that you too could own, his work starts from just £24!

River Wey-0214-500x500

River Wey is just one example of Peter’s fantastic photographic work. Here we see a beautiful peaceful river scene. The print is mounted in an off white mount ready to be framed in your choice of frame.



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